Mossman Sauna

The famous fairy-tale world Vogtland, Mossmann, will literally warm your heart. You will find out what he has to say if you have the luck to participate in a “fabulous spa infusion” in the characteristic Vogtland dialect.


The Mossmann sauna is the hot spot of our Sauna World at up to  110°C. The dry heat literally drives sweat but is still easy to tolerate because the body’s own cooling system can warm up for high performance. The metabolism gets activated, the immune system receives a training unit and the vegetative nervous system gets important stimulation for internal regulation. The natural, unspoiled environment  creates a bridge to the nature of Vogtland, wherein the living space of the “Moosmännel“, as it is lovingly referred to by the residents of Vogtland is translated to a modern setting of sauna design and decor.