Vogtland “Hutzn-Bad”

Vogtland "Hutz'n Bad"

In Vogtland’s “Hutzn-Bad“,  you can slowly feel weightlessness with a salt water concentration of 6% and 34–36 °C water temperatures.

„Hutzn“ and Well-being

“Hutzn” is a term from the Vogtland dialect that describes “talking together” or “nattering” in colloquial language.

We would like to invite you to the Vogtland “Hutzn-Bad“ like to a lounge where you would like to hang around for a bit longer and be able to relax (certainly for up to one hour), because in the salt water concentration of 5–6%, there is an osmotic balance between the salt water and the skin. That is particularly gentle to the skin. The organic form of the pool edge offers niches and sitting corners for communication with friends and other guests.

Getting the muscles into motion

Massage nozzles under water with a different stream quality enrich the sense of well-being. They will get the muscular structure energised with gentle tingling and tangible pressure on individual parts of the body. The microclimate created on the water surface with the nozzles resembles that of the sea tide. Slow, deep breathing results in a pleasant, free sensation of the respiratory tract.

When dawn breaks, the light of special lighting elements take effect and become more intense and convert the “Hutzn-Bad” into a dreamy sea of lights.

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