Salt Lake

The salt water concentration of 15% guarantees a special experience for the body through strong buoyancy in conjunction with the pleasant water temperature of 32°C. Give it a try!

Float weightlessly

The first direct experience in the salt lake is an indescribable feeling of weightlessness, like floating on a cloud. Experience a completely new experience for the body that you would otherwise only find on the Dead Sea. Also absolute non-swimmers can feel safe in the salt lake. Relaxed  floating in the Bad Elster thermal salt water re-programmes our balance and harmony. As a result, more and more natural regulation mechanisms of the body are activated and our power of resistance, known as resilience, is boosted.

In this floating state, the muscular system relaxes itself, the joints get optimum relief. Relaxed muscles are automatically better circulated, the metabolism can work better, muscles and joints can regenerate better. The fabulously relaxing horizontal position on the water facilitates the pumping function for the heart and promotes the release of the circulatory system. Due to the high salt water concentration, we recommend staying in the salt lake no more than 20 minutes.

Consideration is the best guarantee to be able to enjoy an extremely intense experience yourself.