Light and Sound Bath

Light and Sound Bath

Float away from your daily routine here in a 10% salt water concentration and with a water temperature 34–36°C.

Multi-dimensional experience for all of the senses

In the light and sound bath, the effect of floating in the cosy/warm salt water with a deep feeling of relaxation and security.

Through visual animation, light effects and music, you are offered a multi-dimensional experience for all of the senses.

Light and sound effects

Visual animations capture the eyes and occupy the senses without what is seen being analysed and processed. Those who close their eyes will not miss anything. Those who give free reign to their eyes open them.

Also the ears encounter the pleasure of a special auditory experience in a very special way. The interplay of acoustic and visual effects in the programmes you participate in was selected for you based on scientific knowledge and will make it possible for you to have a perfect introduction and particular depth of relaxation. Time and space become one when insulated from other influences. Your body and thoughts are floating. Every sense is addressed in its own way.

Because the effect on the skin is less intensive than in the highly saturated salt water of the salt lake, a slightly longer stay (maximum 25 to 30 minutes) is considered pleasant.

The light and sound bath is a place of silence, calm and gentle movements. Consideration is also the highest priority here.

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