Salt Water Hot Spring Bad Elster including Swimming Landscape in Albert Baths

Welcome to the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring & Sauna World!

When you enter into Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring & Sauna World, including the usage of the completely modernised Bad Elster swimming landscape and sauna.

You path will take you from the spa cashier in Albert Baths with extensive changing rooms via the existing bath and sauna landscape into the new thermal hot spring area.

In the new salt water hot spring, you have access to three salt water pools with different salt water concentrations (6, 10 and 15%). The salt water concentrations which were carefully thought out allow the power of the Bad Elster salt water to become tangible in the most pleasant way possible.

Suitable for age 14 and older

Due to the high Glauber salt water content and the associated strong effects on the body, a stay at Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring & Sauna World is suitable for persons 14 years and older.