The restaurant at Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring

Right away there are two opportunities to enjoy yourself at Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring & Sauna World: Both in the area of the saltwater hot spring and in the Sauna World, you will be pampered with first-rate cooking.

Enjoy with all of your senses

Healthy food and pleasure are combined in the hot spring and sauna restaurant. Heath-aware connoisseurs get their full money’s worth. The team in our restaurants in the hot spring and sauna area will serve you everything which your hear desires. Fortify yourself to your heart’s desire with fresh, Mediterranean specialities such as crunchy salad varieties or homemade pasta. Enjoy fruity ice cream creations and homemade cakes. There are also some small snacks on the menu for between meals. Are you a vegan or are glucose or lactose-intolerant? Our employees of the hot spring and sauna restaurant offer culinary experiences to all guests. We are looking forward to your visit.

Pure refreshment: Hot spring and sauna bar

No matter whether it is a light, creative alcoholic or alcohol-free cocktail, a well-cooled white beer, a refreshing soft drink or fruit juice – after floating in a salt lake or between sauna trips, you can refresh ourselves at our hot spring and sauna bar and replenish empty energy reserves.

By the way, you do not require any cash for visits to restaurants during your stay in the Salt Water Hot Spring and Sauna World. Everything can be booked on the chip on your key band.