Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water

Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water

Power lies in salt water - float along with it!

Floating in Bad Elster hot spring salt water – why is it so good for you? Prof. Karl-Ludwig Resch (M.D.) explains: “Even since the Middle Ages, the positive, health-promoting effect of salt has been known for external application. These discoveries are backed up by studies in the natural sciences. Experience the special effect of the Bad Elster thermal salt water during a stay at the Salt Water Hot Spring in Albert Baths.“

> Power lies in salt water!

> Happiness lies in salt water!

> Beauty lies in salt water!

A treasure that is a million years old and a protected treasure from the deep

The Bad Elster thermal hot spring is a raw material in nature – primal, natural, pure, beneficial, unique in their combination in Germany and worldwide.

Bad Elster hot spring salt water – a treasure from the Elster Valley

The Bad Elster salt water hot springs are supplied by salt water spring dug in 2009 in the Elster Valley. This is the heritage of an enclosed primal sea which has been hidden for millions of years and laid protected deep in the womb of the earth. What was discovered at a depth of 1,200 m has turned out to be a real treasure from the Elster Valley – the Bad Elster salt water hot springs.

Glauber’s salt – a spring with an unusual composition

The salt water spring includes highly mineralised thermal water, which is unusual in terms of its composition and concentration. Due to the very high sodium sulphate content, Bad Elster thermal salt water is considered a Glauber salt source.

Another component is cooking salt (sodium chloride). In addition, there are many elements which naturally occur on the earth such as calcium and magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, silicates, metals, rare earths and many trace elements. Nature gave many of these elements and compounds a high level of significance for their structure and functions in the body, e.g. for the acid/base balance, digestion, the composition and the excitability of nerves and muscles, and much more.

Natural material from nature

The highly saturated thermal salt water is conveyed through Bad Elster with a salt water content of 22% and a temperature of 42°C.

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