Power lies in salt water!

Balance and the power of resistance force

Physical well-being is an expression of an internal balance for which every person longs. If this balance is interrupted, this can have negative effects on the health (e.g. blood pressure which is too high etc.). Relaxed  floating in the Bad Elster thermal salt water re-programmes our balance and harmony. As a result, more and more natural regulation mechanisms of the body are activated and our power of resistance, known as resilience, is boosted. Just like when pressing the reset button: everything is set to NEW. Your stay in the salt water is like a holiday for everyone seeking repose.

Reinforced for the daily routine

Our immune system is always vigilant to keep our body healthy. It reacts to the diverse stimuli from our environment. Currently, stimuli overflow occurs quickly. With each stay in the salt water, different stimuli such as buoyancy, water pressure and temperature become effective simultaneously. As a result, an over-stimulated immune system can level out in a gentle way, once again in a normal, compatible area. You will feel fortified and properly equipped to face the challenges of your daily challenges.