Happiness lies in salt water!

Happiness lies in salt water!

As light as a cloud

During your stay at the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring, your body will experience a completely new sensation and float detached and weightlessly. The human body is “lighter” than the surrounding salt water. Therefore it is pushed upward, completely without effort. You will feel as light as a cloud.

Relax weightlessly

“In this floating state, the muscular system relaxes itself, the joints get optimum relief. Relaxed muscles are automatically better circulated, the metabolism can work better, muscles and joints can regenerate better. A newly obtained lightness in one’s motions let one experience a wonderful feeling of joy“, according to Prof. Resch (M.D.).

Relief for the body

The fabulously relaxing horizontal position on the water facilitates the pumping function for the heart and promotes the release of the circulatory system. The pleasant hot temperatures (32–36°C) also stimulate the metabolism and circulation. You will feel reborn.

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