Beauty lies in salt water

Beauty lies in salt water!

Cleansing for the body

The water with a heavy salt water content in the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring (6-15%) has a higher water pressure than drinking water. The higher pressure acts like drainage for the muscular structure and connective tissue. Collected metabolic products are eliminated more, which people like to consider cleansing. Due to the high salt water content, the skin becomes pleasantly smooth and soft.

Care for the skin – Natural youth well

“Bathing in salt water promotes the natural pH value of the skin; its beneficial minerals allow it to store more moisture. The natural protective layer of the skin is maintained, it does not dry out. A stay in Sole is a balm and care for the skin and is therefore referred to as a natural fountain of youth“, is a truth which Prof, Resch (M.D.) knows.

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